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An 8-year-old boy killed himself recently. His mother found him hanging from the side of his bed. 8 YEARS OLD! We are behind! This is urgent.

A common issue among African Americans seeking mental health assistance is the affordability. Shortly before releasing Outside The House, I contacted several organizations and personal friends to see what we’d be able to do. This outreach led us down a very necessary and life-changing path.

While many are now offering their services locally for free, knowing how important this matter is, we are still in need of more resources and services. Sadly, there are folks living in areas where the services aren’t free. What happens then?

We are asking each of you give what you can and we will certainly meet our goal. 100% of the money will go toward helping those seeking Mental Health assistance whereever they are globally.

Outside The House is achieving its mission of creating the necessary conversations. Now let’s take this a step further!

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